Preventing Tooth Loss with the Help of a Periodontal Treatment Dentist

Mom has dentures. She gets along okay with them, but she told me how food and drink always feels different in her mouth. I did not understand that until she made a comparison to pasta. She said that the way food feels in our mouths goes a long way toward its enjoyment. I like rigatoni, but I do not care for spaghetti. You can use the same sauce and everything, but I prefer rigatoni strongly. That is a texture preference and dentures change how food feels. When I got diabetes, I went to a periodontal treatment dentist to help me prevent tooth loss to not have to eat with false teeth.

The concern is that periodontal disease is so closely related to diabetes that researchers are not sure whether diabetes causes it or periodontal disease contributes to Type 2 diabetes. All I was concerned with was keeping my teeth and not needing any dentures or partials. Periodontal disease is sneaky. Your first symptom may be the need to have an extraction done on a loose tooth. There usually is no pain associated with it. This is why I go to a periodontal treatment dentist. I want to be sure to keep my teeth. If you have already lost a tooth to periodontal disease, you should see an expert to prevent further tooth loss.

My mom said that the first few days she had her dentures that it felt like a pickup truck was parked in her mouth. She said she eventually got used to them, but it is not the same as real teeth. My sister has a partial, and she said she tolerates it. It makes her smile look great, but she dislikes how food gets caught in it and under it. I do not want to go through that. I prefer to go the extra mile in keeping my teeth healthy.