I Feel Incredible Now That I Have Lost Weight

I wanted to know the answer to one question. Does Medifast really work? I had heard so many good things about it, but I honestly did not know if it was something that would help me to finally win the war that was going on inside my own body. I used to be pleasantly plump when I was younger, and I carried the extra few pounds really well. However, after three kids and working some pretty stressful jobs, there was nothing pleasant about the extra weight I was carrying around.

I wanted to be a good example for my kids, and I knew that meant taking care of my body too. I didn’t want to be the overweight person sitting on the park bench because she couldn’t keep up with her kids and husband. I wanted to be right in the midst of all their fun. I asked some friends who had lost weight what they did, and two of them told me about Medifast. I was pretty convinced after hearing their stories, but I wanted more information. I went online to find an unbiased review website that would give me the low down on this meal replacement plan.

Everything I read about it made sense to me. I liked that I would be eating six different times throughout the day. There were days before where I was lucky to eat once or twice, and I would always make bad choices because I was so hungry. After reading about the nutritional meals that come with the Medifast plan, I knew that would not be a problem because the meals are designed so people don’t go hungry on them. I decided to try it for 30 days to see how I felt, and I knew by the end of the second week that I was going to keep on it until I had not only lost the weight but felt confident that I could be trusted with handling my own food portions in the future. That day came a few months ago, and I feel incredible now.