An Epic Battle Tattooed on His Arm

My brother is a huge fan of superheroes. He has been collecting memorabilia since he was a kid. Considering he is now 40 years old, you can only imagine the collection that he has by now. When he started designing his own sleeve tattoo on paper, I don’t think it surprised anyone that it was comprised entirely of his favorite superheroes. He was going to do just one huge tattoo of Superman, but then he thought of sleeve tattoos. He realized it would look much better if he had smaller representations of all his favorites combined in one larger tattoo.

Considering that is over a dozen of them, I was not sure how he was going to incorporate all of them into a sleeve tattoo. I knew he would be able to do it though because he is quite the artist himself. It did not take him long to come up with a great design where six of his favorites were involved in a fight against evil. Along with his favorite superheroes, he also included some of the most vile villains known to his superheroes. The battle that he drew is impressive, and I was anxious to see what it would look like on his arm.

The tattoo parlor where he went is a reputable one, and I have seen some of their work on other friends that my brother and I both have. That is the main reason he went to them, because he was confident that they would be able to handle all of the intricate detail that he had put into his design. They not only did that, but they also added a few things, with his permission, that made the entire battle scene that much more epic. Everywhere he goes, people stop and look at his arm, and he has received so many compliments on it!