20 Animal magnets collection – Learn animals from around the world – African animals

https://youtu.be/lD8-hyfGdq0 20 Animal magnets collection – Learn animals from around the world – African animals

This animal video has 20 magnetic animals. Lions, Tiger, Panda, Polar bear, Kangaroo, Walrus, Chimpanzee, Cheetah, Peacock, Penguins, Toucan, Giraffe, Elephant, Walrus, Cockatoo, Hippopotamus, Zebra, Camel, Rhinoceros and a flamingo. The collection features animals from Africa, Animals from Australia, Animals from Asia and other exotic places throughout the world.
Learn the names and appearance of 20 animals from around the world
Dinosaur Songs including Playlist
Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHz4pRCbXyu4gQxwmzIFAvHqz726sPjwi
https://youtu.be/cWNJaJ5M1ho Stegosaurus Song – Dinosaur song for kids – 5 Stegosaurus eggs hatching – Playmobil Dinos
https://youtu.be/0JoWySRTygQ Brachiosaurus Song – Dinosaur song for children – Tallest Dinosaur – Playmobil dino
https://youtu.be/k5R_DNONfBQ T-Rex Hunting Easter Eggs Song – Tyrannosaurus Surprise Eggs song – Schleich Dinosaur song for kids
https://youtu.be/fRdJexjVeZM Spinosaurus Song – Dinosaur songs for kids – Schleich Dinosaurs – Spinosaurus family song
Baby Elephant song
https://youtu.be/aiHd7354Um8 Baby Elephant Song – Songs for kids – Stop Motion animation – Schleich animals – Playmobil
https://youtu.be/uC30Ip-Syz4 Dinosaur in the Bath song – Dinosaur songs for kids – Bubble bath play – Schleich Brachiosaurus dino
20 Animal – Apprendre des animaux aimants collection de partout dans le monde – les animaux d’Afrique
20 magneti animale collection – Per saperne di animali provenienti da tutto il mondo – Animali africani
20 Tier Magnete Sammlung – erfahren Sie Tiere aus der ganzen Welt – afrikanische Tiere
20 ímanes Animal collection – Aprender animais provenientes de todo o mundo – Animais Africanos
20 imanes Animal collection – Aprender los animales de todo el mundo – animales africanos
20 Dyr magneter collection – Lær dyr fra hele verden – afrikanske dyr
20 Ζωικά μαγνήτες συλλογή – Μάθετε περισσότερα ζώα από όλο τον κόσμο – ζώα της Αφρικής
20 動物のマグネットコレクション – アフリカ世界の動物を学ぶ動物
20 동물 자석 Collection – 아프리카 세계 동물의 – 동물들의 학습
20 Dierlijke magneten collection – meer dieren van over de hele wereld – Afrikaanse dieren
20 Animal magneter samling – Lær dyr fra hele verden – afrikanske dyr
20 djurens magneter insamling – Lär dig djur från hela världen – Afrikanska djur
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